Togbloggen is a blog about the joy – and the challenges – of travelling by train.

I write about travelling by train because I enjoy it, both the travelling and the writing. At the same time, I realise that travelling by train requires a bit more planning and some more effort from the traveller than travelling by air. The travel industry seems to be all focused on selling flights, and if you want to go by train further than to your office or neighbour city, you might feel that you are left on your own.

Therefore, I think we should share experiences and inspire each other, to make it easier to choose the train next time.

That is my mission.

Whenever we travel a distance by train instead of by air, we will see a lot more and experience in a way airports and planes do not allow us to. It is like reading a good book instead of just jumping to the last page to get the end of the story.

We can’t travel without causing CO2 emissions, but the more we choose the railways instead of the air when travelling, the lighter our footprint will be.

This is why I think my mission is a good one.

Togbloggen is written in Norwegian, and the starting point for my trips will mainly be Oslo. 

About me

I am a former journalist and PR manager, now working as an independent consultant. 

Most of the journeys I do together with my very best friend and husband, Svein, who seems to enjoy the slow travelling as much as I do.


Please send me some words if you have comments or questions:
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Her på Togbloggen handler det om å reise langs bakken, nær folk og landskap. Fotoet viser Sigrid Elsrud, togblogger.